Calling on Africans in Russia

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m using this opportunity to call on Africans in Russia.
No one said it was going to be easy and it ain’t just easy. Truth is, I can’t really figure out what I need to do to move this blog and forum forward.

Launched almost a year ago and completely financed by myself, my aim was to achieve and develop a thriving online community for Africans inRussia.

In that time, I have designed the blog and forum (ok, its not that aesthetic) and deployed some tools for ease of use and to be honest, I even paid people to post. While this move paid instant dividends, it did not last for long because as soon as their ‘contract’ ended so did the posts.

Yes, I did get some help from my trusted ally (Afrobabe) but even she I assume got tired or maybe disinterested and I honestly do not blame her. The articles on the blog are probably of no interest to anyone and even fewer registered people on the forum.

Yes, I understand that no one want to ‘hang out’ on an empty forum so I ask, what else can I do to populate this forum and build a successful online community for Africans in Russia?

Or oh well, maybe the Africans inRussiaare infinitely passive and are strictly facebook users? And are just not interested in helping one another?

Ok, I understand everyone is facebook addicted (except myself..hehe) and as long as you have thousands of so called ‘friends’ on your list then life is beautiful? Is that really so?

How about registering yourself on forums and sharing your experiences? Or writing articles about your school, personal opinions, family, tough and not-too-tough experiences here inRussiaand publishing them on our blog? Believe me, a lot of people are waiting to read your genuine writings and understand what it takes to live here.

Truth be told, I get letters, emails from people who are either interested in moving toRussiaor just want to come for a visit but can’t find any sound information precisely about Africans. The way an African will viewRussiaor any other place will be different from how an Australian or Finnish person would. Information is a great tool and WE ARE THE ONES TO PROVIDE THEM because WE CAN!
Guys, girls, I’m not ashamed or dismayed to say that I NEED YOUR HELP! and I certainly cannot do it all on my own.
I have a dream and the dream is to see this blog and forum become the encyclopedia for Africans who live, lived or wants to live in Russia.

Thank you as you give me a helping hand.


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  2. Hi Dominick, at first I was like Wa da …and then saw the joke and started to laugh:-)))). good one. Anyways, I thought it was a nice picture)) which one would you recommend please?))

  3. Hi there!!! i am sooo very happy to find this forum. I am from Zimbabwe and i live in Electrostal( Moscow). Now do me a favor and welcome a sister to your forum :))))?

  4. Hi debs, welcome on here and I also like to say that I’m very happy to see you here!
    We need more people like you.
    How are you enjoying Moscow sis))

  5. So Mr. Dominick, I’ve changed the picture to a very neutral one 🙂

  6. Firstly,I was actually trying to dig up some information on how Africans generally live or are percieved out there in Russia (Demand),and viola! I found this forum(supply). So Mr Femi,millions of internet users will definately fall into my category,plus the way I see it,I guess all you need to be doing is Administrating the forum adequately well,which would be socking up your pocket but you have to keep walking,eventually hard work will prevail someday sometime soon.Make use of social media mediums at hand such as facebook,twitter or even whatsapp and stuffs along those lines would immensely help,and do try to connect with Africans around moscow through social gatherings and word of mouth does a magnificent advertising too we can’t rule that out,check out other successful forums on internet,see what works for them,by doing that would be a perfect way of triggering up some more constructive ideas to run your forum,just my two cent and I personally appreciate such a brilliant Idea of having a forum like this out there in Russia,good job. Salute from Beijing

  7. Hi, Ade its such a great time to have you on our website and believe it or not, you made my day because I find it delightful reading your comment! Thanks.
    Yes, you are right on point and more works needs to be done to make this forum a MAJOR one and I’m going to keep on pushing on. We are on Facebook and Twitter (you can link to us from the top of our home page).
    Once again thanks for all your ideas – especially the networking area and I do hope that you were able to find some valuable and interesting information on our website!
    God bless you and Happy festive season!


    PS: How is life in China?

  8. Well, I hope to soon be an African in Russia, of a sort. I am an African-American visiting Moscow during the month of May. Anyone want to meet up for drinks?!??!!?!? They are on me!!!!

  9. Hi Bruce, please allow me welcome you on here and sincerely hope that you will enjoy for stay.

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