About Us

Who are we? WE ARE AFRICANS!

We welcome you to the African Community Forum in Russia.
The idea to have a forum where Africans in Russia can meet on a constant basis (at least in the virtual world) was born some years ago but it was a difficult task to realise for many reasons part of which was that most Africans in Russia are very much isolated.
But thankfully the situation is changing and thus, this website was created in order to continue to foster good relationship among Africans here in Russia and around the world.
We created this website to help Africans get up-to-date information about Russia and to seek for help and ask vital questions.
We created this forum to decrease fear about Russia among Africans and also to increase their awareness about the current affairs of the current Russia.
We pray that this forum will eventually become a one stop information center for ALL Africans who live, lived or plan to live in Russia.
Thank you for staying with us. Let us make this dream a reality.