Juna-Life Aqua Park Moscow

“Juna-Life” is a Country Club and just a stone throw (about 8Km) from Moscow. It consists of an indoor Aqua (Water) Park, Spa-Hotel, Restaurant and complete with a fitness center and Sports Complex (Football pitch, tennis) .

Its located in a very relaxed atmosphere where you and your family can enjoy some fresh air and getting there is too difficult. You can reach Juna-Life Aqua Park either by road or rail and yes, the airport (Sheremetyevo 2 is just nearby) so don’t be surprised at the constant sound of planes flying over your heads.))

Juna-Life country club in itself is nicely designed but well, as most of the things and places in Moscow (or maybe Russia),  ITS WAY TOO PRICEY!!!

A day ticket into the Aqua (Water) Park will cost you 2000 Rubles (more than 50€) on weekends. That’s ridiculously high and given that it (the Aqua park) is a very small area and they have just 8 slides (4 are for kids), I simply cannot understand why they charge so much. True, I think you can use the Sauna and toilet and the ‘fresh air’ and very clean environment and changing rooms but blimey, for 50€?

Compare that to Serena Water Park in Espoo, Finland, where an ALL DAY, ALL INCLUSIVE ticket will cost you ONLY  30€ and you can EAT and DRINK ALL you want in a very spacious and clean environment. Now, you will agree that, that is a much better deal.

All in all, if you are looking for a cool weekend out with your family, Juna-Life is the place to go. Just make sure you have enough money or you may be lucky to catch one of their promo programs or discounted tickets.

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