Baby Boom in Russia 2012

Well, well, well, this is 2012 and isn’t it happy days in Russia lately? You are of course wondering why? Ah yeah I will tell you!

Maybe it me or just its how it is but everywhere you go, you see very pregnant women anywhere you go. I say this is GREAT!!! You can easily say that having babies is back in fashion for Russians. Its BABY BOOM!!!
Russia is finally experiencing a baby boom after more than a decade-long drops in national birth rate. If around 1,5 million babies were born in 2007 then by all means about 5 million babies (if not more) are to be expected between 2012 – 2013.

You don’t believe me. Fair enough, just go out there and see for yourselves. You will see them, very pregnant  women. Young, charming, energetic and em, older looking but hey, what does it matter? They are pregnant and that’s what matters.

Personally, I can’t pin point the catalyst for the current baby boom  in Russia but it could be the result of the policies undertaken by the authorities to stem a fall in the population. For instance, Mothers now get financial grants for having a second child and other maternity benefits also been boosted though, I still think that the government can do much better.

Need to mention that kids clothing and items are ridiculously expensive in Russia. More expensive, I dare say than any where else in the world. I know parents who do their “shopping” outside of Russia due to the high prices offered in Shops. Even the so called “Detskiy Mir” is no exception.

People talk of credit crunch, heavy drinking as factors affecting the birth rate in Russia, and then they come up with several theories and formulas and sometimes, not so impressive adverts like this one. But any way, you look at it, it does feel good than people can take the initiative in their own hands. I give credit to those parents – fathers, mothers who made decision to go forth and multiply in these uncertain times. Well done.

Children are the future, let us create a better place for them and so I plead with Mothers who though while heavily pregnant continue to smoke. This is disgusting and selfish and high inconsiderable. I also plead with parents who while taking their kids for a walk (either a toddler or a new born sleeping sweetly in pram or strollers) continue to blow and puff cigarette smoke in their babies faces. Why? If you can’t quit smoking completely then do it when your kids are not there to suffer from your silly habit.

I know its tough to be parents but their bright and healthy future is in our best interest.


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