The Way Forward for Africans in Russia Community

Hi and thanks to you all if you are reading this post.

Its no secret that keeping an online forum active sometimes (or maybe most times) requires a LOT of effort and I have been trying to do this for many years now.

It becomes even more difficult to achieve in Russia because there are virtually no fully functional African Communities – Both online and Offline. Yes, we have small communities trying to do something but I believe this will not be enough and the very reason why I created this website. Most African in Russia are very passive. This is NOT their fault at all. That is just the way things are…

This website was founded and is wholly funded by myself. Not only that, I basically do all the coding (if you may call it that. lol). I also try to find time write some articles, meet people, answer offline questions (via email) to quite a lot of people seeking to know more about Russia or just in need of help. I try to look for new people to register and make new posts on the forum page…I am happy to do this but I need YOUR help.

We have over 80 Members on our forum but very few are active and I’d like to say a VERY..I mean MASSIVE THANK YOU to Olga Olga Mulugeta. She is ALWAYS here even when no one was/is. Thank YOU.

It is my wish to move this forum forward for it to be become successful in providing assistance to other people and I TOTALLY need your help, so I just want to ask  you all HOW CAN WE MAKE THIS WEBSITE/FORUM BETTER? What is the The Way Forward for Africans in Russia Community?


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  1. I am a prospective student in Russia and I’ve been told that if i end going there i should expect a lot of racism towards me as most Russians do not quite approve of black people. How true is this?

  2. Racism in Russia is part of their culture.I happened to be in Moscow as a student some years ago.I had to abandon studies there to run back to my country Cameroon because of the racist attacks I had from the skin heads.While in Moscow I was attacked and beaten almost to death mamytimes just because of the colour of my skin.Russians call black people monkeys.Its funny to note that a lot of Russians live in Cameroon.They don’t like foreigners.I got many bad stories about Russians.

  3. Yes, Eric does have a point. The average Russian assumes it is ok to be “racist” because they are partly “raised” up this way and thus, they dont see it as racism. However, I must say that things have definitely changed and with the Football World Cup coming in some years time, Russia will have to work extremely hard to make things even better.
    Do keep in mind that the cost of living in Russia is quite high in addition with the local currency taking a heavy bashing and depreciating every now and then, so, would it not be better to look or study elsewhere?

  4. I wanted to come to Russia is it easy or naccesery to stay there.

  5. Hi Femi!

    I’m a journalist for The Moscow Times and would be interested in getting your thoughts about living in Russia in detail. Are you in Moscow? If so, I would love to meet and get your story. Please, contact me through my email.



  6. Hi Benard, It depends on what you mean by easy or necessary. Do you mind elaborating?

  7. Hi Ivan, please check your email box.

    Cheers 🙂

  8. Hi Femi,

    I have just stumbled on your blog. I am amazed by your efforts. In response to your question, I have two suggestions.
    1) View the following webseries and contact the Director Cecile Emeke, regarding (potentially) being featured – “Strolling”:
    It’s about the experiences of young African and Carribean people in the African diaspora, so far they have been to England, France and the Netherlands, they are keen to travel to as many countries as possible, Russia could be the next one.
    2) Use
    It is very popular website as it is a great way to gather like minded people together. There are African/Carribean groups gathering globally, perhaps it could be a good platform for use in Russia as well.

    Best of luck with your blog, your efforts are noticed and appreciated.



  9. Hi Chanda, thank you so much for your very thoughtful and valuable suggestions. I am so grateful and will be checking out those links provided.
    And yes, I’ll continue to do my best to drive this forum forward. Thanks again for those very kind words.

    More Blessings

  10. Hi, I am working for a brand that is focused on African women. Does anyone know the statistics in African Women in Russia? Thanks a lot

  11. Hello Nicole, I doubt anyone can give you a figure but we are working on having some sort of statistics on the number of Africans in Russia in general.

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