Africans in Russia to Get in the Print Media

August 29, 2012 // 7 Comments

AFRICANS AROUND THE WORLD – AFRICANS IN RUSSIA to Get in the Print Media!!! My fellow Africans in Russia, I’m happy to inform you that you now have the opportunity to get noticed worldwide.  How? I will tell you. Just recently, I received an email from Franck Olivier KRA (the Editor of eBiz Africa Review) who writes about Africans around the world in the print media (you can see some of his work here) and he has generously invited us (Africans in Russia) to participate in this global interview.  Sounds very interesting to me and I believe some of you will be interested. Keep in mind that the number of places (interviewees) is limited so it will be on a “first- come first- served basis” so if you are interested please contact me latest before 2nd of September 2012 via e-mail, replying to this blog or on Twitter or Facebook. Invitation is open to EVERYONE! – Students, Workers, Artistes, Musicians, Business men and women. The format is very simple:  A questionnaire will be sent to you and which you have to fill and we will also take a picture of your beautiful faces so contact me immediately. Let’s announce to the [...]

You African in Russia? You can make a difference!

September 21, 2011 // 4 Comments

If you are an African living in Russia, you would have noticed how difficult it is to find information about Africans in Russia or any functional and serious online African community. Either that or maybe I didn’t try hard enough? Well, so I have taken the first step by creating this blog and a forum For Africans who live, used to live in Russia, or want to live in Russia. On the forum, you can create threads, topic, upload your pictures, share information and tell people back home what it’s like in Russia. This project will only be successful with your help and collective efforts so if you are interested, there are many ways to get involved. Are you an African who lives or used to live  in Russia? You may please contact me or join our online community. I want to hear your story or you could keep me informed of upcoming and past events, weddings, parties, meet-ups etc. within your community. Are you Russian? This is your home. Mother Russia. Do you have a story to share with us? About your homeland? What do think about it? Are you a journalist? in the process of writing an article or an essay? Are you an academic or [...]