African on Summer Vacation

African on Summer Vacation a.k.a It’s Holiday Time.

For me personally, its been a mixed year so far.  Been quite busy. Renovated my house, had loads of project to work on and thankfully with the help of the Almighty, I managed to shed some nearly destructive and totally unnecessary emotional baggage.  I’m a new man now.

Above all, I thank my God for seeing me and my family through this year and up to this time. We Thank the Lord for providing us the means and opportunity to go an vacations and so you can say that we are now ready go on our very much deserved holiday.

Our first point of call will be Berlin, Germany via train from Moscow and then visit some other countries. It is something we have always wanted to do and you right, it right about time. I’ve heard so much about the city (Berlin) and now is the time do some exploring. Deary me, I’m so excited!!!
Berlin_Brandenburg gate

But don’t you worry, my beloved readers, I will try to update you about the trip/vacation with some nice pictures, videos and narratives (reviews like I always do) and if you don’t see any updates, it is because I’m having an amazing time with my family. I want to believe that you will extend to me your wonderful and limitless understanding. God bless you.

I will see you all pretty soon. Thank you for reading my posts and for your support.



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