Radio Kamerger-Russian Violinists Virtuoso display on Old Arbat Moscow

Radio Kamerger – Russian Violinists Virtuoso display on Old Arbat Moscow

Ok, I know that right now is crazy cold in Moscow but some few months ago in September when then weather was sweeter than sweet, I took the liberty and had a nice walk on the Old Arbat Street, Moscow on a cool – bordering on romantic evening and was not disappointed with the “free” entertainment that I enjoyed


Aside the fact that the weather was gorgeous and lovely, I was also in a brilliant mood and had a nice meal so I was all smiles. 🙂

Anyway, I started my walk at the very beginning of the Old Arbat, passed a few clowns on the way and there and there I heard some sort of beautiful music streaming into my lovely ears and so instinctively I went closer and was rewarded for doing so.
You know, there is no short of entertainment on Old Arbat but these guys ( three of them) totally blew everyone out with the way, they played the violin and their instruments. We were all mesmerized because they played with such virtuosity  and excitement.I couldn’t immediately figure out what their group is called (something like Radio Kamerger) but anyway, I immediately brought out my camera phone but video them, so please enjoy yourself with their music.


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