Hellsten Hotel Espoo

Hellsten Hotel in the City of Espoo, Finland.
Christmas period is around the corner and most people are obviously searching for THAT NICE PLACE to spend their holidays. So Say I implore you to try the Hellsten Apartment Hotel located in Espoo, a city located about 10-15 mins by train from Helsinki. Not too far away from the capital you would say and well, the air is very FRESH! It’s like a bustling city in a Village. There are bushes, trees, forest and yet everything seems to be at such a slow pace. Lovely.

The Hellsten Espoo apartment hotel itself is very nice. It was a bargain for the price of 57 Euros per night plus breakfast (a run-of-the-house deal) and the room is big enough for two people.

There is a small kitchenette with a burner as you can see here, kitchen utensils etc (as you can see from the above slideshow)…with which you will adequately get by. The rooms also have a flat screen TV with several channels and FREE Wi-Fi connection for browsing ONLY so don’t expect to enjoy watching youtube videos.
The receptionists are ever willing to help and I think they are the best thing going on for the hotel.
Also, there is enough space for your kids (if you have any) to run around in the hotel and books/novels to read in the lounge. I actually found a “new” book/writer (Accused by Mark Gimenez) for myself. A fantastic book by the way. You can read the review HERE

Breakfast was equally ok – boiled eggs, bread, yoghurt, Cereals, juice, tea. (You will be given a “voucher” which you have to drop on the table in the restaurant)

Also keep in mind that even though the hotel has an entrance (just by the restaurant) for disabled people and people with kids on strollers, that particular entrance is sometimes LOCKED/CLOSED at night, so you may have to do some serious staircase climbing. Highly inconvenient and I have no idea why they even lock it.

That notwithstanding, the environs is quite pleasant. You can take a walk or climb the rocks in the “forest” behind the hotel or simply walk around the very quite but safe area. It’s an amazing place to take your kids or family for a cool walk.

There are shops, stores and supermarkets withing a walking distance from the hotel (closer to the train station) but be reminded that stores are closed on the 24th and 25th of December, so do your groceries before that else you might have to spend a lot more than you originally planned. We had to do our shopping at a filling station. It was the only one that was opened on the 24th and 25th and we were VERY hungry. Hahaha!

I must warn you though that the Hellsten hotel Espoo wasn’t very easy to locate if you are going there for the first time. It’s located on a hill, almost hidden and no direct local transport that can take you there. It took us about 40 mins to find it (we had luggage that got damaged due to the stones on the roads and it was a nightmare climbing that hill) but normally it’s a 10-15 walk from the Lepparava train station (insert train station). Maybe even less if you walk very fast.

The City of Espoo itself is the near perfect place to enjoy your holiday with so many things to do. You could visit:
– Hop Lopat Tapiola – A 20 minutes drive on public transport from Lepparava train station




– or visit the Serena water park

Huimala – The kids will love it

You may even visit the various museums or head to Soumelina Island.

Or go skating


And ah, my  favorite pics.

ok, I know that this is not much of a review, but all in all, Finland is a nice country and the Hellsten Hotel is a nice place to spend your holidays.

Enjoy your holidays.

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