Gorky Park Moscow 2013

Gorky Park Moscow 2013 – An African View!

If you are looking for a place to spend a great day with families and friend do yourself a favor and head to Gorky Park Moscow because the organizers of this wonderful park have got their A-game on! And without much exaggeration, its about the BEST park in Moscow at this moment. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Both young and old.Gorky_Park_Moscow

You could start right from the main entrance of the Gorky Park Moscow and take a small walk and relax on one of the lovely and massive puffy chair-bags (if you are lucky to find one that is not occupied.hahaha) and watch the fountain sing
or you could head straight to play beach volleyball (for a fee – 800 Rubles per hour) or play some table tennis FOR FREE!!! Just bring your playing “tools” with you.Gorky_Park_moscow_2013

And oh if you are not into sports and you just want to lie around all day – no problem – carry your belonging, put a smile on your face and walk leisurely to the wonderful and near perfect “artificial” sandy beach designed and created by IKEA. Not only will you enjoy lying on the beach but you are likely to be treated to some very fantastic music (see video below) and believe me, if you will love it no matter your taste or choice. An outdoor swimming pool and the beach would have been perfect. Sandy_Beach_at_Gorky_Park_Moscow_made_by_IKEA
Anyways, If after relaxing and you suddenly feel the urge for some cool emotional vibes, take your partner (if you have one) and go take some free dancing lessons. Salsa anyone? free_dance_classes_Gorky_Park

For those who love and need the occasional or perpetual dose of adrenalin in their bloods, there is also something for you right in Gork Park – the DC skate board stunt center where you can ride all day and perform the stunts you’ve always wanted to show the world.DC_Skate_Board_Center_at_Gorky_Park_Moscow

And should you get hungry, the Gorky Park Moscow is littered with different types of cafes and restaurants (indoors and outdoors) and more than six hot-dog joints so yes, what and where to eat won’t be a problem. The only thing missing is an ATM machine so bring some cash with you. Just in case.

The Gorky Park, Moscow certainly impressed me and not only was it clean  and family friendly but the organization was near perfect. Whoever put this together deserves all the credit. Make a day on your busy calendar to visit the wonderful Gorky Park especially during this festive period as some jigs and parties are in the pipeline. There is certainly something for everyone to like and if you are lucky (or should I say EXTRA LUCKY) you might be favored with a splendid weather.Family_playing_at_Gorky_Park_Moscow

 Happy holidays everyone and have FUN! it is essential to human existence. Festive_Program_Gorky_Park_Moscow


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  1. Hello,my name is Dave-Im half russian and im coming to Russia as a student,id like to inquire about the safety and general life there.Thanks for the articles!

  2. Hi Dave and welcome on here. How did you find our site?
    To answer your question: Where in Russia are you going to study? if its in Moscow then I’m happy to tell you that there are lots of foreign students in Moscow. Moscow is generally expensive. safety wise, you just have to be careful as you would be anywhere else. You may experience racism but I must say that now things are a lot better. Just watch your back and know the friends you keep. And if you are out to have fun, Moscow is one of the best places to be. Folks here party 24/7. haha. How do you like that?

  3. Thanks for replying!Found it as i was googling about Africans in Russia-i was curious.I dont mind rascism as long as it wont be violent,and about partying im a nerd haha,but its nice to know option exists.Also hope to meet my fellow Ugandans!Thanks again

  4. You are welcome David.
    Even Nerds do have some sort of fun right? lol. so all work and no play aint that good.
    Well, racism can be violent here sometimes but thankfully, the situation is a lot better (knock on wood) and we sincerely want to believe that it will even get better.

  5. Hello I am thinking of studying in Russia, but I would like to know what are the safer cities for African students? Of course Moscow and St.Pete are cool cities with great nightlife but I am just afraid and concerne that everything that has been going on

  6. Hi Desi, good to have you here.
    Of course I understand and share your concerns and like I always say, if there are other options than Russia then go for it. That said, Moscow especially I think is changing (knock on wood) for the better. Not that there is nothing to worry about (racism still very much exists and you can be a victim at any time) but I think its relatively “safer” now as more and more students are coming in and the focus now is largely not on students coming in especially from Africa. Moscow I believe is the BEST place to be as a student in Russia. Some do say Kazan though. What do you intend to study?

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