Singing Fountain At Gorky Park, Moscow

Singing Fountain At Gorky Park, Moscow.

The weather was quite good today and so I decided to take a walk to Gorky Park where I met up with some friends to play table tennis (the tables were/are free to use but make sure you have  your rackets,nets and eggs with you).  We had some good fun till around 11pm but the highlight of the evening was the very beautiful singing fountain right in the middle of the Gorky Park.

It’s was amazingly colourful and the music was good and it brought smiles to my face.  So if  you are at home doing nothing (or even if busy), take your family and friends and enjoy an unforgettable evening at Gorky Park, Moscow.


Nearest Metro Station(s): Oktyabryskaya or Park Kulturiy.

Entrance is FREE!

Enjoy the video below and please you may post your comments.


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